Little Miss Obsessive


I chose that placement, behind the ears, because bands and music are always better in your ears than in your ass hahaha! It’s behind my right ear, because I already have my nose ring and sidecut on the right, and I’m a little bit double-sided. My right side is what I’d really want to be if people weren’t so short-sighted and close-minded. 

First meaning of this, is obviously the band Twenty One Pilots. Their lyrics and music have already had such a great impact in my life that I’ll never regret inking that in my skin. It’s kind of a reminder of the things in their music that helped me get back on my feet. Also, it’s cool when you feel, inside, that a band makes you feel great. But when it’s people surrounding you who thinks that, it’s even better and you know they’re part of the soundtrack of your life. I could further that with a lot more information on how they helped me, but that’d be too long and you probably wouldn’t read anyway. 

Second meaning : I feel like the coloured lines, the blue and the red, are lifelines of different people. It represents a relationship :  people might separate for a while, they might choose different paths at some point, but what they lived together will never fade away and they’ll always share memories (represented by the black line).

Third and final meaning : I kinda feel like a Tyler Joseph, so I won’t reveal that on the internet.

PS: If one day, somehow, Tyler and/or Josh see this, thank you for turning the lights back on in my life. It was getting annoying, bumping into all kinds of doors and walls in the dark.